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Classroom Pets

Educational Classroom Pets

The Issue: Classroom Pets  The Argument The placement of animals should put their best interests first. In a classroom setting, it is nearly impossible to provide animals the necessary care while also trying to look after many young human animals. When the...

Dog Fighting

Dog Fighting

The Issue: Dog Fighting  The Argument Dog Fighting not only is abusive to dogs, but dog fighting rings are breeding grounds for illegal activity. With most street fights serving as networks for illegal drug and firearm distribution, dog fighting is dangerous...

Classroom Chicks

Educational Baby Chick Hatching

This Issue: Classroom “Baby Chick” Hatching The Argument Hatching chicks in a classroom is always unethical. Similar to buying puppies from a breeder, it is unethical to breed an animal into existence, even if that animal will be cared for properly, while ...

Classroom Dissections

Educational Classroom Dissection

The Issue: Classroom Dissections   The Argument Dissecting animals is unnecessary when we have so many alternatives to dissection including: computer programs and synthetic, anatomically correct animal and human models.  The Other Side “The animals arrive...

Rooster "Cock" Fighting

Cock Fighting

The Issue: Rooster Fighting The Argument:  Not only is fighting roosters fundamentally wrong, it is also very cruel.  The Other Side:  “Roosters are naturally aggressive. They love to fight and would do it anyway” Although roosters become naturally territ...

Forced Breeding

Breeding Forced Breeding

The Issue: Breeding Companion Animals The Argument  Until humans realize the actual value of the lives of companion animals, most should be forbidden to acquire them. It is a virtually impossible truth to argue considering the vast number of homeless, abused...

Cow's Milk

Milk Cow Breastmilk

The Issue: Dairy  “Dairy” is the common industry term for cows’ breast milk, and it is the term we will be using in this entry. The Other Side  “I can’t give up cheese, etc.”   Do you think it is harder for you to give up dairy products or do you t...